About Retranstwitter

Let Retranstwitter do the retweet job for you. You can set to automatically retweet
posts from your Twitter stream according to a set of rules: by author, by hashtag or use the
combination of both.

To start automatic retransretweeting you just have to grant access to a Twitter account. Login with your Twitter account and authorize Retranstwitter (It can either be your personal entry or an account, specially created for these purposes).

Now you are ready to set up auto-retweeting criteria to get new relevant tweets re-posted on your behalf. When creating the rules please note that cannot retranstweet private accounts' tweetfeeds and posts of the users you do not follow.

Here are some examples of auto-retweet settings to apply.
You can create multiple rules (but only one rule per line) using any of the following combinations:

@username1 : * - means auto-retweeting all posts from @username1

@username1, @username2 : #hashtag1, #hashtag2 - means auto-retweeting posts from @username1 or @username2 that contain #hashtag1 or #hashtag2

@username3 : #hashtag3, (#hashtag4, #hashtag5) - means auto-retweeting posts from @username3 containing #hashtag3 OR both #hashtag4 and #hashtag5

* : #hashtag1 - means auto-retweeting all your friends' posts containing #hashtag1

* : #hashtag1, #hashtag2, #hashtag3, (#hashtag4, #hashtag5) - means auto-retweeting all your friends' posts containing #hashtag1 OR #hashtag2 OR #hashtag3 OR both #hashtag4 AND #hashtag5